Cannabis Cross-Docking & Distribution

WETT Sales & Distribution was recently selected by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries to provide Cannabis cross-docking services in Manitoba.

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Cannabis in Manitoba

Cross-Docking Partnership - Limited Distribution Opportunity

April 14, 2022

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has recently announced that WETT Sales & Distribution Inc. has been selected as part of a competitive RFP process to provide cannabis cross-docking services in Manitoba. WETT offers a significant amount of warehousing and logistics experience.


Cross-docking was identified as a practical short-term response to a growing retail landscape in Manitoba. WETT is authorized to consolidate shipments across several licensed producers, reducing lead times, improving access to small, rural, and remote retailers, reducing the number of shipments to retail, and minimizing issues related to shipping delays.


This is a voluntary program. Licensed producers are not required to participate and may continue to serve the Manitoba market in the same capacity they do today. Licensed producers can still direct-ship themselves or through a third party as is currently practiced today. Licensed producers are not required to enter into an agreement with one of the successful warehousing and distribution organizations.  


Products may be delivered through WETT, or retailers may request to continue to direct-ship from the licensed producer.

For any questions for WETT Sales & Distribution, please contact:

Cam Moskal, President

Bill Gould, Founder - Senior Advisor to the President