April 14, 2022 - MBLL Cannabis Cross-Docking Partnership 

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has recently announced that WETT Sales & Distribution Inc. has been selected as part of a competitive RFP process to provide cannabis cross-docking services in Manitoba. WETT offers a significant amount of warehousing and logistics experience.


Cross-docking was identified as a practical short-term response to a growing retail landscape in Manitoba. WETT is authorized to consolidate shipments across several licensed producers, reducing lead times, improving access to small, rural, and remote retailers, reducing the number of shipments to retail, and minimizing issues related to shipping delays.


This is a voluntary program. Licensed producers are not required to participate and may continue to serve the Manitoba market in the same capacity they do today. Licensed producers can still direct-ship themselves or through a third party as is currently practiced today. Licensed producers are not required to enter into an agreement with one of the successful warehousing and distribution organizations.  


Products may be delivered through WETT, or retailers may request to continue to direct-ship from the licensed producer.

For any questions for WETT Sales & Distribution, please contact:

Cam Moskal, President

Bill Gould, Founder - Senior Advisor to the President

January 4, 2022 - Employee Announcement - Sarah Tait

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Sarah Tait as our new Sales Enablement Manager, effective January 4, 2022, based in Winnipeg, MB. 

Prior to this promotion, Sarah was our Sales & Marketing Coordinator for the last two and a half years and has been invaluable in helping our company navigate through the demands of the sales and marketing functions. Throughout her time at WETT, dedication, diligence, and attention to detail have distinguished her service. She has also extended her capabilities recently by leading the project to implement a new warehouse management software program for the company.
As the Sales Enablement Manager, Sarah will play a significant role in the productivity, effectiveness, and profitability of the sales team. Over time, she will help streamline employee workflows to expand the sales pipeline, offer insights to help convert more sales, remove distractions to keep salespeople focused on selling, and increase revenues and profits. Sarah will be responsible to collaborate more closely with our suppliers’ marketing teams to facilitate the development of strategies and plans for the team and the measurement of their implementation progress.

I am delighted to have Sarah in this new role and am looking forward to her valuable, and continued, contribution to the business. 

Please join me in congratulating Sarah on this well-deserved appointment and wishing her the best of luck!

Contact Info: Sarah@WETTsales.com 


Cam B. Moskal


March 24, 2022 - Employee Announcement - Billy Casselman

I am pleased to announce that Billy Casselman has accepted the role as Business Development Manager, effective April 11, 2022, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Billy has extensive knowledge and experience in the beverage alcohol industry, working most recently with Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants as their Sales & Marketing Manager (MB/SK). Previously, Billy held roles with MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. as V.P. Commercial Sales and Investor Relations and as Sales & Marketing Manager (MB/SK) with Lifford Wine & Spirits Inc.
Billy brings to WETT Sales & Distribution Inc. a wealth of experience in regulated consumer-packaged good sales and marketing initiatives across various retail and wholesale channels. He has a deep-rooted passion for the industry and prides himself on superior networking skills, strong relationships with key accounts, organizations and government liquor boards, and a vast knowledge of liquor operations across the country.

In his new role, Billy will be responsible for pursuing opportunities for long-term growth and revenue from suppliers and customers. His responsibilities will be two-fold: 1) to cultivate and execute product related partnerships specifically in the Beverage Alcohol Industry to unlock warehousing and distribution opportunities, and 2) to successfully develop the company’s wine and spirits business in the Manitoba and Saskatchewan region.

I am delighted to have Mr. Casselman on our team and I am looking forward to his valuable contribution to the business.

Please join me in welcoming Billy to the WETT Sales & Distribution team!

Contact Info: BCasselman@WETTSales.com


Cam B. Moskal


October 26, 2021 - Employee Announcement - Raegen McInnis

I am pleased to announce that Raegen McGinnis has accepted the role as Sales Merchandiser - Manitoba, effective October 21, 2021, based in Winnipeg. This will be a part time (term) position.


As our Merchandiser, Raegen will play a large role in the consumer buying experience by ensuring that shelves are stocked with fresh products, by building and maintaining displays to draw attention to products, and by providing exceptional service to our clients. Working directly with the sales team in Winnipeg, she will be responsible for product appearance and supply in various retail stores throughout the three Manitoba territories and will be working closely to ensure that the promotion of specific products and services will increase sales over a period of time.


I am delighted to have Raegen on our team, and I am looking forward to her valuable contribution to the Manitoba Sales Team. She will be instrumental in delivering positive results for our sales strategy across the province.


Please join me in welcoming Raegen to the WETT Sales & Distribution team!

Contact Info: Raegen@WETTsales.com 


Cam B. Moskal

Vice President, Sales & Operations

September 27, 2021 - Employee Announcement - Marshall Hagborg

We are pleased to announce that Marshall Hagborg has accepted the role as Logistics Manager, effective September 27, 2021, based in Winnipeg, MB.


This position plays an instrumental role in planning, coordinating, and monitoring logistics operations such as warehousing, inventory, transportation, and supply chain processes, and by providing exceptional service to our clients.


Marshall comes to us most recently from Canadian Energy, where he held the position of Operations Supervisor. We are confident that he will bring a ‘customer-first’ approach to the operation, while leveraging strong analytical, problem solving and organizational skills to help drive our business forward.


We are delighted to have Marshall on our team, and we’re looking forward to his valuable contribution to the Warehouse & Distribution Operations Team. He will be instrumental in shaping and driving our logistics capability to another level.


Please join us welcoming Marshall to the WETT Sales & Distribution team! 

Contact Info: Marshall@WETTsales.com


Cam B. Moskal

Vice President, Sales & Operations