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Started in 1991 by Bill Gould (W.E). and Todd Thurston (T.T.) as a beer distributorship and sales agency, WETT Sales & Distribution has grown from a two-man operation in Manitoba to a full-service beer distributor in Manitoba and a beer, wine, and spirits agency in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


With great support from all of our suppliers over the years, a terrific team of staff, the MBLL and the SLGA, and most importantly fantastic customers, WETT has survived the changing landscape of the beverage alcohol world for over 30 years.

On January 1, 2022, Bill & Shawn Gould handed over ownership of the company to Cam Moskal (formerly VP Sales & Operations).  Cam takes over a thriving company with a rich history and is excited to have Bill Gould stay on with the company in his role as Founder, Senior Advisor to the President.

Mission Statement 

"To provide high quality, independent and professional representation for our customers in both the sales and distribution of beverage alcohol products."

Founding Principles

"WETT Sales & Distribution was founded to help brewers, vintners and distillers at every step of the journey…from production to final sale. We bring together expertise in supply chain, marketing, sales representation and more, to make superior customer experiences accessible, turnkey and affordable."

WETT Company Information Package

Read and download more information below. 

Who we are 

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