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Square feet of warehouse space


Square feet of Customs Bonded warehouse space 

WETT currently occupies a 90,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Winnipeg, Manitoba, located within CentrePort.

In discussions with both the MBLL and the SLGA, an opportunity to provide closer and more economical warehousing to their Distribution Centres for the Beverage Alcohol community was developed. The business model provides overnight delivery into the SLGA Distribution Centre in Regina and same day delivery of goods to the MBLL Distribution Centre in Winnipeg.

We've set aside a 17,000 sq. ft. Customs Bonded Area within our warehouse for storage of all Beverage Alcohol products. We are currently providing both bonded storage, duty paid storage, and shipment for several products from outside of Canada to both liquor boards. WETT also provides these services for domestically produced products.

WETT was granted an Excise Warehouse License (EWL) for our facility. This is the third pillar of our warehousing and distribution services.
This license allows domestic suppliers to store packaged alcohol (spirits or wine) destined for the Canadian marketplace on which excise duty has not been paid. These duties are paid when the goods are ordered from a Canadian Liquor jurisdiction. Taxes are due at the end of the month the product is shipped out.

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