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Ordering WETT Distributed Product

Manitoba Service Standards

Order/Shipping Policies

Minimum Order Quantities

Statutory Holidays

Ordering WETT Distributed Product


Orders for all WETT products are submitted to the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) order office. Please visit to place an order or reach out to the Liquor Contact Centre at 204-474-5500 or via email at for more information regarding ordering.


Manitoba Service Standards


WETT provides ALL* customers within the province of Manitoba delivery of all products distributed by WETT to the customer’s primary acceptance area. All customers can request a specific delivery date. However, for WETT to effectively deliver and to reduce strain on our warehouse operations, all orders must be placed before 11:00 a.m. two (2) business days prior to the requested delivery day.


Also, WETT will pick up from customer locations all properly prepared empty cans, bottles, and kegs distributed by WETT and return them to our warehouse at no charge to the customer. These returns normally take place with each weekly full goods delivery or on a basis convenient to both rural carrier and customer.


These standards represent our “baseline” of customer service; however, we continue to strive to exceed this standard in order to meet our customer’s needs while maintaining a highly efficient distribution system.

*with the exception of a small number of isolated or remote locations


Order/Shipping Policies


All customers can request a specific delivery day, which is the day that the customer’s product arrives at their location, provided the order is received on time (see above).

The delivery day for rural customers is determined by the common carrier schedules and is at least two business days after the order cut off date. (Example: Wednesday deliveries must place orders by Monday at 11:00 a.m.) The delivery day should be consistent throughout the year, except on statutory holidays. Please contact WETT or your rural carrier for further information.


All orders received and entered into the MBLL ordering system by 11:00 a.m. will be processed and transmitted to WETT that working day. Orders arriving after this deadline are processed with orders received on the next working day.


Minimum Order Quantities


WETT will provide no charge delivery, once a week, to all customers in Manitoba on orders equal to or greater than:

  • 20 dozen bottles or cans or

  • 1 keg


A delivery charge of $55.00 is assessed for orders less than the minimum order quantity. 


Statutory Holidays


Statutory holidays will impact your regular delivery schedule and will be communicated in advance.


In order to maintain the highest degree of shipping continuity, WETT requests that customers increase orders if a holiday falls on your regular scheduled delivery day

WETT may be closed for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day        August Civic Holiday

Good Friday             Thanksgiving Day

Louis Riel Day            Remembrance Day

Canada Day            Christmas Day

Victoria Day             Boxing Day

Labour Day               

National Day for Truth & Reconciliation



WETT Sales & Distribution Contact Information:

Warehouse Phone: (204) 885-9388


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